This policy explains how we use your personal information. The purpose of this policy is to inform you what to expect in relation to personal information about you which is collected, handled and processed by Bramble People Limited.

Data protection

Under the Data Protection Legislation, Bramble People Ltd of 9e Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SP is the Data Controller and sole owner of personal data collected. We acknowledge and agree that any personal data of yours that we handle will be processed in accordance with all applicable data protection laws in force from time to time.

Bramble People does not sell, share or transfer this information except as set out in this privacy policy.

We use up-to-date industry procedures to keep personal data as safe and secure as possible and to protect against loss, unauthorised disclosure or access.

Personal information

We will collect personal information from you when you contact us using the, to make an enquiry about a vacancy, register your details with us or submit information to us in other ways. We may also collect personal information
from you if you register with a Job Board Company website such as Jobsite. After you provide your details to Bramble People they will be transferred to our internal database.

The information about you we may collect, hold and process is set out below:

(A) Information collected and processed for finding you a suitable role is as follows:
• Your name
• Your address
• Your email address
• Your telephone number
• CV/work history
• Job preferences including role, geographical areas and salary
• Any other work related information you provide, for example, education or training

(B) Information in respect to individuals that we have previously placed or may place in
the future is as follows:

  • Passport Number

  • In some cases, permits and visas

  • Date Of Birth

  • National insurance number

  • Full details of job offers and placements

  • Outcome of criminal record checks and security clearance for certain roles

  • In certain cases, medical information

  • References

  • Financial information (including but not limited to payroll details and terms, HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS data, pension scheme details, court orders and statutory

  • payments)

  • A log of our communications with you by email and telephone

How we use the information

This information will have been provided, or will be provided, by you or a third party who we work with, such as a Job Board Company or another employment business or agency. In the case of references, these will be from your previous employer. Medical information may be supplied by a third party such as your GP, Consultant or Occupational Health. The outcome of criminal record checks and security clearance checks, where relevant, will be supplied by the Disclosure and Barring Service or other external company applicable to the placement.

The above information is used to provide our services to you in our capacity as an employment business / agency to find you suitable work whether on a temporary or permanent basis based on your requirements as set out below.
The information under A above may be used as follows:

  • To match your skill sets with job vacancies to assist in finding you the positions that most suit you

  • To put forward your details to our clients and prospective employers for you to be considered for vacancies

  • To place you with our clients and prospective employers

  • To keep you informed of available opportunities as they arise

  • To keep you informed of the services offered by us

  • The information under B above may be used as follows:

  • To establish that you have the right to work

  • To undertake relevant security and criminal record checks as required by our clients and prospective employers and as permitted by law

  • To deal with any medical and health and safety issues relating to certain positions

  • To put in place contractual arrangements and documentation once a role has been secured

  • To pay you if placed

How we hold the information

All the personal data we have is stored on our database in the UK with the exception of when your CV has been provided to us by a Job Board Company in which case it may be held by an external server.

Disclosure of your information

Your CV and related information will be shared or sent to prospective employers and our clients. Once you have secured a placement additional information will be provided to them to enable the placement to proceed. Such employers and clients will usually be located inside the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area (EEA), but may be outside of the EEA. Personal data shall not be transferred out of the United Kingdom to a country or territory outside the EEA unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection or the appropriate safeguards are in place for your rights and freedoms. Before such a transfer takes place outside of the EEA, we will provide you with further information concerning this.

Other trusted third parties that we may share your data with are as follows: HM Revenue and Customs, pension scheme providers, legal advisors and other companies for the purpose of undertaking pre engagement checks for the role or for paying you.

What is the legal basis for processing your information?

We will rely on your consent to process the information under A and B above which is collected at the outset of the recruitment process.

Information and documentation to establish your right to work is processed by us as we are legally obliged to do so.

In respect of medical information, the basis for us processing this will depend on the circumstances, but will usually be for one of the following reasons: it is necessary to protect health and safety or to prevent discrimination on the grounds of disability or where consent has been obtained, if required.

Information in relation to criminal record checks, which are relevant for some roles, will be processed on the basis that it is necessary for us to comply with the law or consent will be obtained, if required.

Once a position has been found for you, we will process your personal data, including financial information, for the purpose of you entering into a contract to fulfil your role and to enable us to pay you, depending on the specific contractual arrangements and

For the purposes of paying you, where relevant, we are legally obliged to provide information to HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS.

Once a placement has been secured, we may also process your data on the basis of our legitimate interests i.e. for administrative purposes.

Your rights

You currently have the right at any time to ask for a copy of the information about you that we hold. At this time, we have the right to charge an administration fee for this service. When the GDPR comes into force, we will no longer have the right to charge a fee. If you would like to make a request for information please email

Retention of your data

Your data will be retained for no longer than is necessary and in accordance with our Data Retention Policy.

Withdrawal of consent

If you have provided us with your consent to process your data, for the purpose of using our services and us finding you suitable work, you have the right to withdraw this at any time. In order to do so you should contact us by emailing


Please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to Harriet Davies, Commercial Director –

Changes to the Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice may be changed by us at any time. This Privacy Notice will be updated in due course to comply with the further requirements under the GDPR which comes into force on 25 May 2018.

Changing the information we hold about you

If you would like to change the information we hold about you or want to it to be removed from our contacts database, you may do so by e-mailing a request to we will acknowledge your request and update or remove the
information within two weeks.

Third parties

Currently we will not forward the information collected about you to any third parties except where required to do so by law. However, we reserve the right to use in the future another company (a sub-processor) to provide limited services on our behalf, such as handling the processing and delivery of mailings. If so, the third party will be under the same obligations regarding your personal information as Bramble People is and we will only provide the personal information needed to deliver the service. They will be required to maintain the confidentiality of your information and will be prohibited from using that information for any other purpose. At all times, Bramble People will control and be responsible for the use of your information.


We ask candidates for two kinds of consent: to represent them and to contact them in the future.

Consent to represent

Candidates providing this consent allow us to hold and process their personal data to provide them services in our capacity as an employment business/agency.

Specifically to:

  • Collect their personal data from them and other sources, such as LinkedIn and Jobsite;

  • Store their details on our database, so that we can contact them in relation to recruitment;

  • Provide them with our recruitment services and to facilitate the recruitment process;

  • Assess data about them against vacancies which we think may be suitable for them;

  • Send their information to customers in order to apply for jobs or to assess their eligibility for jobs;

  • Enable them to submit their CV to us online;

  • Carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between them and su;

  • Carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between Bramble People and third parties in relation to their recruitment;

  • Facilitate our invoicing processes;

  • Verify details they have provided, or to request information (such as references, qualifications and potentially any criminal convictions, to the extent that this is appropriate and in accordance with local laws);

  • Verify their security clearances or put them forward for security clearances, when necessary;

  • Comply with our legal obligations in connection with the detection of crime or the collection of taxes. They are also confirming that they have not been in contact with the customer or any other party regarding the position. We will delete their personal data when our liabilities to both them and any customer we place them with are at an end - typically within three months.

Consent to contact about future opportunities

This means candidates give their consent for us to retain their data for an extended period - currently 12 months - from the end of any recruitment or, if they are not currently involved in a recruitment, the date they provide the consent. Specifically to:

  • inform them of opportunities as they arise;

  • avoid the need for them to re-register with us in the future.

Candidates can ask for their information to be deleted at any time by emailing

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Changes to privacy policy

Internet and data privacy best practice are still developing. Bramble People therefore reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. If this privacy policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances -
if any - we will share it with other parties.

Bramble People will not, however, revise its commitment to compliance with the Data Protection Legislation.

Further information

Bramble People Limited (registration no 8620767) is part of the Bramble group of
companies with the holding company being Bramble Effect (registration no 8619770).