About Us

Bramble People are part of the Bramble group of companies, working with government and the public sector to recruit sales and technology people.

We like to think that with our experience, expertise and professional approach to recruitment that we are setting a new bar. One where we take the time to consider the role, to ask questions, to  really understand what our clients are looking for then taking the same approach with each of our candidates. We get to know them not only as the talented professionals that they obviously are – but as people.


Shanice Rostampour - Delivery Manager

Shanice joined Bramble People as a Recruitment Delivery Manager, keen to continue her already established career in IT recruitment. She loves that Bramble People put people first. Meaning that they take the time to understand the role and company culture to ensure that talented people with the right skills and attitudes are placed.


Jenna Evans - Recruitment Consultant

Jenna worked in internal recruitment for several years before joining Bramble People as a recruitment consultant early in 2019. Her job is to resource candidates for the often technically complex and niche roles that Bramble Partners’ require. Jenna develops excellent relationships with candidates and loves that she can help talented people find the ‘right’ job.


Ian Budden - Financial Director

Finance Director Ian has worked with the Bramble group of companies since 2012. He uses his performance and leadership management skills to ensure that the finance team operates immaculately and provides Bramble People’s customers and partners with the level of service and accuracy they need and expect.


Richard Archer

Richard is owner and director of Bramble People, he is a programmer, an IT consultant, a Business consultant and a mathematician. He is Chair of the Community for Open Interoperability Standards. He has a meticulous eye for detail and a real understanding of how public sector organisations work and passes this knowledge onto businesses working with the public sector.